Monday, September 9, 2013


Hello folks, Teddy here. If you are reading this, you've almost certainly come from my intro video on Youtube; unless you are from the future and came here from another link!

I've finally settled on a good game to start my LPs with. Epic Battle Fantasy IV

I wanted to make a quick blog post as an intro to my entire LP series so that people who are following me or may wish to do so will know what to expect.

1 - Regular Updates
I plan to upload a video every day. This may be adjusted if I end up with some sort of job that requires me to work a few days in a row, 12 hours a day; but short of that (and I don't expect that) I will be uploading rain or shine, 365 days a year.

2 - "Nice"
I'm generally a nice person and I try to keep things all-ages. However, I do warn, I may swear from time to time! I will be trying not to, but if I'm surprised by an event in-game or I spill a large cup of Pepsi in my lap (has happened) I may let out an expletive or two.

3 - I'm Weird
One of the things that will differentiate my LPs from that of others is my style. I plan to follow the style of many earlier HCBailly videos, and share stories about my life. Part of the reason is - A - I like to talk, and -B - if I LP like everyone else in the world, why bother watching me and not somebody else?

I also am going to be "running" things slightly different than others do. For one, I have a blog. The purpose of the blog is to keep things organized. If I ask a question - and I do have one for today, I'd like to know some sources of public domain music - I'd like the answer to be posted here and not in the youtube comments. This keeps comments about the video, and answers to my questions, separated.

My current plan is to play Epic Battle Fantasy IV and "beat" it. Once that's done I will start the LP, as I think I can provide more entertaining content if I know what I'm doing rather than having you guys watch me wander about aimlessly. If the Greenlight gets approved before that, my video will include all the new and premium content.

Lastly, keep in mind my Youtube ID is not TheNewTeddy, as it usually is everywhere else, but rather, "Pellaken" (pronounced Pelican) as that was one of my first/earliest internet ID's.